Trump Base to Washington Swamp: “You Will NOT Take Our President!”

On July 5th 2016, the now former FBI Direct James Comey plunged America into a crisis of justice by declaring Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Presidential Nominee, above the law.

Today, Comey’s message is creeping into the hearts of every glassy-eyed “storm-trooper” in the Globalist Movement. From the Rogue Democrats in Washington, to the public relations hacks in the Propaganda Media.

From the agenda-driven Obama appointees in the Deep State, to the political activist “judges” in the Sixth Circuit Court in California. From the Neo-Marxist Professors in American Universities, to the blood-thirsty domestic terrorists in Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Everyone from the smug, virtue-signaling Hollywood celebrities to the hysterical, brainwashed social “justice” warriors on the George Soros payroll. This nationwide army of butthurt, neo-communist “progressives” is falling in lock step march to the siren song of the subconscious mantra birthed by James Comey’s July 5th 2016 announcement….

“If Hillary Clinton is above the law, so are we.”

Ever since President Trump’s election on November 8th 2016, dozens of angry “Liberals” have been either directly threatening President Trump, or suggesting violence against him and his supporters.

These dissenters, who call themselves “The Resistance,” have made vile incest “jokes” about The President’s family. They’ve bullied his 10 year-old son. They’ve accused his wife Melania of being a hooker. They’ve turned a blind eye to every act of hate and violence against his supporters. They’ve even teamed up with the Deep State and propaganda obsessed media in an attempt to impeach Trump and to have him thrown office, and probably even prison.

Yet, when one of their crazed comrades opened fire on dozens of Republican Congressmen in Alexandria Virginia, nearly killing Congressman Steve Scalise, they REFUSED to accept that he was influenced by their hateful rhetoric. They deny the violence of their radical counterparts, and many of them won’t even admit that the “Alt-Left” exists. Those who do, rationalize these acts of hate by dehumanizing its VICTIMS as “Nazis” or “Fascists.”

A few hours before I wrote this, ANOTHER Democrat Senator, Maria Chappelle-Nadal of Missouri said…

“I hope Trump is assassinated.”

If ANYONE had said this about Barack Obama, the media, the Democrats and Liberal activists would have demanded their resignation. And they wouldn’t have stopped there. They’d have demanded the Senator to be arrested, convicted and sentenced to years in prison. Personally, I’d have agreed with them a few years back.

But today, the Left is taking advantage of the fact that we Conservatives are still willing to be fair and reasonable. Senator Chappelle-Nadal’s remark trended on Twitter for three hours. Thousands of brainwashed Liberals repeating it and defending the Senators unhinged Dog Whistle to crazed radicals all over America.

Clearly, The Resistance is no longer accountable to the rules of civility. And while their double standards are frustrating, they’re are not surprising. They’re exactly what you’d expect when the Director of the FBI, the most powerful Law Enforcement Agency in America, sets a new standard for American justice.

This is why EVERY American needs to understand where we’re headed if we allow this double-standard to become the new standard…

No More Law and Order, No More Liberty

The most foolish thing Modern Liberals believe is that they can still enjoy the Freedoms of this country after having rejecting its moral foundation. So far, this seems to be working. But it won’t for long.

Like a car running on fumes, America is quickly burning up the “fuel” of the Judeo-Christian values which once powered it. If The Resistance gets their way, the tank will run empty and America will no longer be the Country it once was. This is because freedom can’t survive in the presence of lawlessness.

When people have the freedom to as they please, power quickly replaces justice. Liberty becomes a luxury of the powerful, while those in power pass NEW laws to keep themselves in power. This happens because human beings have a good nature and an evil nature. The purpose of law and order is to keep this evil nature in check.

The problem is, the Radical Left considers this idea a “fossil” of the Judeo-Christian Worldview. To them, people only become violent because of poverty, or religion, or corporate greed, or because they’re victims of racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, Islamaphobia etc. And once those “nasty Conservatives,” are out of power, they think they can turn the world into the dreamy, post-modern utopia of the John Lennon song “Imagine.”

But this means rejecting the moral foundation which makes all of our Freedoms possible. So what can we do about this? We start by understanding what we’re really dealing with…

Moral Wisdom is the Foundation of ALL Wisdom

In his work, “Beyond Good & Evil,” the 20th Century atheist philosopher Frederich Nietzsche wrote…

“Be careful hunting monsters, lest you become one yourself. For when you stare into the abyss, the abyss also stares into you.”

In my opinion, Nietzsche was one of the last Atheist Philosophers who truly understood what happens to people when they become consumed by hate.

The Resistance considers Trump, and his supporters to be the “monsters” Nietzsche talked about. And, as Nietzsche warned, The Resistance has become so blinded by their obsession to defeat us, they can’t see what THEY have become.

History already showed us an example of this. In Nazi-Germany, well-educated doctors and attorneys administered deadly injections to kill men, women, children and even new-born babies. How could this be? How could one of the most intellectually sophisticated and technologically advanced nations in the world become a nation of monsters?

It happened because they rejected the FOUNDATION of all wisdom, and that’s moral wisdom. Every society has baseline moral standards. Standard which are enforced, not only by the laws of the land, but by an invisible line which no one crosses. Civilized people respect this line because they understand that every time they step over it, they rub it away until it vanishes completely.

Corrupt politicians and other megalomaniacs in this country have been secretly overstepping this line for centuries. But when the public announcement came to let Hillary Clinton, a PRIMARY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE off the hook, it become publicly acceptable to overstep that line.

Ironically, this rule only applies to The Resistance. The rest of us are demanded to play by the rules. I’m not suggesting we join their hypocrisy. But some of us need a hard dose of reality…

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing Will Never Act Like Sheep

It amazes me how many Conservatives think we can win our political enemies over using “How to Win Friends and Influence people” tactics.

Just this week, I’ve seen people on Facebook claim we need to “lead by example,” or “show them we’re just Americans like them,” as if we’re living in a Stephen Covey Workshop.

Conservative Christians who still haven’t beat their plowshares into swords are part of the problem in America. We’re in the middle of a war for the American culture. Its foolish to assume we can have a reasonable conversation with people who are out for our scalps.

For decades, members of the Political Left have positioned themselves as the ambassadors of tolerance, inclusion and compassion. But anyone paying attention can see through these Politically Correct platitudes. We’re not dealing with the “sheep without a shepherd” talked about in Matthew 9:36.

We’re dealing with the wolves in sheep’s clothing of Matthew 7:15. The declarations of tolerance and moral superiority are just the threads of their sheep’s clothing. And we need to remember what Jesus said about them…

“Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.”

-Matthew 7:16-17

What are the fruits of the “Resist Trump at all Costs,” movement? Lawlessness. Hypocrisy. Arrogance. Hate. Violence. Irrationality. Impatience. These ARE the wolves Jesus warned us about. And unless they turn to HIM in humility and repentance, you and I don’t have a prayer of persuading them into acting anything BUT wolves.

We should always share the Gospel, with every chance we get, in our actions and in our words. But even Jesus knew how to handle people who weren’t interested in listening to the truth. He was also clear in how we should handle them…

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”       

– Matthew 10: 16

So here’s my personal message to the Swamp, The Resistance and everyone who thinks they’re above the law. This is also my warning to everyone who still denies how serious this culture war has become….

War Against Trump is War Against God’s America

The Resistance isn’t just coming from the Political Left anymore.

Republicans in the Congress and Senate are quickly piling up in their criticisms against President Trump. As I’m writing this, Republican Senator Bob Corker has just tossed his hat into the “Dump on Trump” ring.

Scores of Republicans, including Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan and their like, have kowtowed to the bullies in the Fake News Media. I suspect the these Establishment Republicans have beenwaiting for an opportunity to do this. They need to PRETEND that they’ve turned the corner on Trump because of something that JUST happened. But in my opinion, many of them had this in mind from the start.

The Washington Swamp is lining up their ducks for when Robert Mueller finally rolls out some baseless accusation against President Trump. An accusation which you and I know was planned months ago. This will be their doorway into the impeachment process. Will the Republicans pull a John McCain at the last minute and vote to impeach president? Are they MORE loyal to the Washington Swamp than they are to the us?

I suspect they are. And if we allow them, the Fake News Media, the Deep State, the Rogue Democrats and Uni-Party “Republicans” undermine OUR votes by bullying Trump out of office, we’ll see ANOTHER standard set in this country. A standard which will declare our votes as mere suggestions, and inflict three immediate backlashes on those of us who want America to remain God’s America…

Backlash #1: American History will be rewritten right before our eyes…

If Trump is removed from office before his first term, or during his second one, the assault won’t end there.

The Liberal Media will turn the full force of their Propaganda Machine towards rewriting his presidency and burying ANY trace that the American people supported him in the first place.

Hundreds of thousands of Liberal Bloggers and Propaganda Parrots will flood the internet and Social Media with headlines like “Worst President Ever…” and “Most Racist President Since…” and “Conservative Voters Hurt America…” and the like.

I suspect they’ll also start a public conservation about whether certain types of voters should be allowed to vote. As these stories pile up, the memory of Trump’s 2016 victory, along with EVERY positive thing he said or did, will be suffocated beneath layers of Hateful Leftist Propaganda.

It will be a classic example of the “winners” writing the narrative of history. Imagine what that will mean for future generations of voters.

Backlash #2: Denouncing Trumpism will become a “do-or-else” for Conservative Candidates

Imagine an America where the bullies in the Main Stream Media harass EVERY Conservative candidate into answering a question like this…

“Do you denounce the presidency, policies and the campaign rhetoric of Donald Trump?”

In other words, they’ll be asking…

“Will you be a good little boy (or girl) and not fight back when the media lies about you or bullies you with dishonest, manipulate questions about your candidacy?”

If this happens, and it WILL if they succeed in removing Trump, ANY candidate who doesn’t answer with a “yes,” will be systemically discredited and dehumanized by the abusively bias media and by BOTH SIDES of the Political Establishment.

Because of this, ANY candidate with the motivation to take on the political establishment or fight back against the dishonest bullies in the media will hear this message loud and clear…

“Don’t even think about taking us on. Remember what we did to Donald Trump.”

This “message” will sideline any candidate who wants to stand up for our values. Meanwhile, the Swamp will continue their swift re-engineering of America culture and advancement of the Global Agenda.  Progressiveness will sweep across America like a tsunami, and people like us will become memorialized as “the ones who tried to obstruct ‘progress’ by voting for Trump.”

And finally…

Backlash #3: The Media will ramp up its already out-of-control attacks on Conservatives

The Main Stream Media is already 100% out of control with character assassinations against out-spoken Conservatives.

But if they succeed in removing Trump, they’ll move immediately into a mission to silence ANYONE who helped Trump get elected. If you’ve heard my podcasts on the Deep State agenda to silence Conservative Media, you know they’re already trying to do this.

Members of the independent media will become targets of full-blown doxings and character assassinations. Outspoken Conservatives and Conservative Media Channels will be swamped with regulations, lawsuits and baseless accusations of sexual harassment.

All in the name of “protecting” voters from being “misled,” by another candidate like Donald Trump. They’ll do this because they’ll feel completely validated by their success in removing Trump from office.

Think about how emboldened they STILL are over their success in forcing Richard Nixon to resign. The echo of Trump’s fall will carry on for decades, or longer, as playbook example of the “Plan B” when the “wrong” candidate wins an election.

The Resistance, is NOT just an attack on Donald Trump

It’s an attack on God’s America. If we let this succeed in our lifetime, it will mean more than a premature end of the Trump Presidency. It will become the Left’s excuse to do everything they can to make sure we never dare to do something like this again. Not on my watch.

The “Resistance,” thinks they’re above the law. But they are not NOT above God’s Law. Maybe they’ve chosen to learn this lesson the hard way. But I’ll be damned if I sit on my hands and suffer the consequences of their stupidity along with them. If they succeed in removing Trump, they’ll awaken a sleeping giant the likes of which this country has never seen.

But if they fail, it will take them decades to regain their credibility. Maybe that’s what God is doing with the Trump Presidency.  And that would make ALL of this worthwhile.

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