Is The Left “Shooting Themselves In the Foot” On Gun Control?

If you’re reading this, there’s been another mass shooting in America. This means the Political Left is pushing for gun control. The Political Right is digging in their heels. The Left is frustrated that the “gun-toting-maniacs” on refuse to give an inch. The Right is using the old slippery slope, “if we let them pass THIS gun law, they’ll keep pushing till they’ve repealed the 2nd amendment,” argument.

Meanwhile, the bodies are still warm. Families are grieving their loved ones. And most likely, the shooter is taking a well-deserved dirt nap after dying of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Why does this keep happening? Liberals blame guns. Conservatives blame godlessness. They fight about it for a week or two. Then the news cycle shifts to another distraction and we’re done until the next mass shooting.

Like most of you, I’ve followed the gun control debate since the shootings at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. I was a liberal back then. But I owned a hand gun. Today, I’m a conservative. I still own two hand guns. I’ve never fired them at a human. I hope I never have to. But I have ALWAYS been Pro 2nd Amendment. That’s why it STILL frustrates me that Liberals can’t see how badly they’re sabotaging themselves on these three points…

#1: They Don’t “Get” Why We Want Guns

It’s one thing to disagree with someone. It’s another thing to completely miss their point. Especially when the point is  this damn simple…

“The primary reason for the 2nd Amendment is to arm citizens against a potentially corrupt and tyrannical government.”

PERIOD. The primary reason Conservatives refuse to give an inch on gun control is because the Left flat out refuses to acknowledge this.

They just assume that guns are dangerous and anyone who thinks the government could “go rogue,” is fearful and paranoid. Ironically the Left contradicts themselves on this point in two ways…

  1. They already believe big corporations can be come corrupt.
  2. They’re more fearful of a corrupt government than most gun owners.

This second point is where they go completely off the rails in my opinion. If the United States Government becomes a brutal dictatorship, our only hope will be well-armed Americans who can take back our country from the armies of the “American Gestapo.”

But, tell this to a gun-hating Leftist and they’ll back with some smug response like “you’ve got to rise above that fear.” Others cling to fantasies of “non-violent resistance.” I might be willing to hear them on the later. But, they’ve already labeled Donald Trump as the next Hitler and us as either “Nazis” or “White Supremacists.” This tells me they either…

  1. Believe our government CAN become corrupt and that violence IS the way to fight it.
  2. Are faking their outrage against Donald Trump and his voters to indulge their need for violence.

Maybe both. Either way, don’t talk to me about “rising above fear,” and “non-violent resistance,” when you’re neck deep in violence and fearful paranoia over the people ALREADY running our government.  The Left’s blistering hypocrisy on this proves they expect us to play by a different set of rules. Funny, because that’s a classic move dictators use to bring private citizens into submission.

The Left has rationalized violence against us. Hell, they’ve USED it. All because we peacefully voted a candidate THEY didn’t’ like into office. Yet, they refuse to acknowledge our right to defend ourselves against the possibility of government corruption? I learned a long time ago that people who impose double-standards on others are the people who should watch out for.

And if the Left has their way in future elections, they could end up electing someone who AGREES to impose this double-standard on us. Not by social pressure. By legislation. This is NOT an irrational fear. The seeds of it are already being sown during EVERY violent protest of the Radical Left. Who in their right mind would negotiate with such people?

I know moderate Liberals (if there is such a thing anymore) hate when Conservatives use the “slippery slope” argument. You know…when we claim that what Liberals REALLY want is to completely abolish the 2nd Amendment and outlaw gun ownership. But it’s NOT a slippery slope when the Left is PROVING that they….

  1. Call us fearful or paranoid for believing total government corruption is possible.
  2. Contradict the above belief by calling our elected president “The Next Hitler.”
  3. Dehumanize us and justify violence against us because of our political opinions.

These aren’t things that might happen soon. They’re already happening. And they want us to “cross the isle,” and “compromise?” There’s a fine line between compromise and capitulation. And the Left has made it crystal clear which of these they’re after. For every time we’ve given an inch over the past few decades, they’ve taken their insanity and denial to a new level.

I won’t list all the examples of this, but to name a few…

  • They defended the PROVEN sexual predator Bill Clinton.
  • They forced Conservative tax-payers to fund Planned Parenthood.
  • They used the court system to force their gay marriage down a Christian Business owner’s throat.
  • They turned the other cheek on Benghazi and nominated Hillary Clinton, who defended Bill Clinton by attacking his sexual assault victims.
  • They stuck their heads in the sand when Obama weaponized the IRS against Conservative organizations and lied about it on National T.V.
  • They stuck their heads in the sand on Fast & Furious, the Iran Deal AND the Iran Ransom payment.
  • They ignored Obama’s Attorney general politicizing the FBI AND holding a secret tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton the day before the FBI closed their investigation into Hillary Clinton.
  • They turned a phony “news” Dossier and one of Trump’s JOKES into a full blown investigation into “Russian Collusion.”
  • They denied the reports of Obama wire-tapping Trump tower and using his presidency to spy on his political opponents.
  • They got behind the Violent, Radical Left Terrorist Group “Antifa” and the sick people in the Media who endorsed them.
  • They turned the NFL into another platform for promoting their goofy, Anti-American ideologies.  Most important, they did it when they decided to embrace globalism and import millions of new voters into our country under the mask of being “pro-immigration.”

By the time you read this, I’m betting there will be more. Hell, there’s a TON of stuff I didn’t even mention. But, bottom line, Liberals CREATED their own “slippery slope” with their abusive corruption and denial.

You don’t “compromise” with people who persistently shove double-standards down your throat, ignore their own corruption and call YOU a moral monster.

You vote their leaders out of office. You completely reject their attempts to reinvent your culture.  That’s what we plan on doing with the America First Movement. If you’re Liberal who doesn’t like this, too bad. You had your chance to work with us. You decided to act like jackasses instead.

#2: They Confuse Good Motives With Good Methods

Liberals tend to be more emotional than Conservatives. Nothing wrong with that. That is, until they assume that this makes them smarter and more compassionate. It doesn’t.

It simply means they process their experience different than we do. This is perfectly fine. Until it’s time to come up with a solution for stopping gun violence. Then, you better be rational and clear-headed.

Liberals want to talk about solutions right away. In a way, I understand this. They want to take action before people lose their sense of urgency.

But wisdom is often sacrificed for the sake of urgency. Children make decisions based on how they’re feeling in the moment. But adults know that decisions driven by emotions typically create bigger problems in the future. Yet, the Left repeatedly hurts their argument with remarks like this…

“The victims would want us to act quickly if they were still alive!”

Or this…

“Why don’t you tell that to the parents of the dead children at Sandy Hook?”

First of all, you CAN’T know what a dead person wants.  I don’t care what quacks like John Edward say.  Second, it’s morbid to stand on someone’s grave to push YOUR political ideas. It doesn’t show how much you care either. It just shows that you can’t make your case without manipulating people’s emotions.

Third, and most important, victims aren’t fit to make such decisions. They’re in pain and not thinking clearly. They need healing and time to grieve. And they shouldn’t be making important long term decisions which they were never appointed to make. Calling on the fresh victims of violent crime to in such decisions is how we ended up with public torture during the Medieval Period.

Most importantly, if the pro-gun-control Liberals were thinking rationally, they wouldn’t ignore the facts and arguments coming from the other side…

  1. The number of guns in America increased by more than 50% between 1993 & 2016. During that time, the gun homicide rate in the United States also dropped by half.
  2. More than 60% of the gun deaths in America are the result of suicide. People who commit suicide would have plenty of other options of guns were outlawed.
  3. Most mass shooters break several gun laws just to get their guns. One more law wouldn’t magically stop someone who already broke several (The Columbine Shooters broke more than 20).

This is NOT to say that they’re obligated to agree with these arguments. But many of them don’t even bother to address them. And yes, I know Leftists have their own arguments. But when they ignore the statistics and arguments coming from our side, they undercut their own credibility. Especially when their arguments sound like this…

  • “Tell that to the parents of the dead children at Sandy Hook.”
  • “How many more people have to die before we do something?”
  • “If the shooting victims could speak, they’d want us to do something”

The problem with ALL these arguments is that they aim to paint Conservatives as monsters. The truth is, we agree with their MOTIVES.

But if the real goal is to save lives, it makes NO sense to do things that won’t work. Good motives are no substitute for ineffective methods.

Ironically, Liberals seem to think, if their motives are right, it doesn’t matter whether their methods work. As long as they’re trying to do something. Many Conservatives simply disagree with this. And it’s not because we’re horrible people who don’t care. Caring means nothing if your methods aren’t based on clear rational thinking. Especially when your methods are already failing…

#3: They Want to Do More Of What’s NOT Working

We’ve all heard this quote…

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.”

Yet, this is exactly what Leftists propose every time they push for a new gun control law. Mass shooters are criminals. Laws don’t stop criminals. They just help us lock them up. That is, unless they commit suicide before the police arrive.

What’s the solution then? I don’t have all the answers. But I bet we can come up with something if we stop recycling the same old cliches about gun laws. When I first started out in business coaching, I worked for a company that made this guarantee…

“If you’re unsatisfied with your coaching when your program is done, we’ll keep coaching you for free.”

How stupid is that? Yet, this is eerily similar to what the Left wants to do with gun control. Take ANY mass shooting in the past 100 years of American history, and ONE THING will be 100% true about ALL of them. The shooter was a criminal. And here’s the simple definition of criminal…

“Someone who breaks the law.”

So here’s a simplified version of the Right’s argument against more gun laws…

  1. Every one who kills or hurts someone with a gun is a criminal
  2. Criminals who don’t care about murder laws won’t care about gun laws either.
  3. Therefore, gun laws won’t stop criminals from getting them illegally.
  4. In case you missed 1-3, the laws we’ve passed aren’t working.

Yes, I know. I’ve heard the objections. A common one is that people still die of accidental shootings. That is, kids playing with their parents guns etc. I agree, that’s a horrible thing. But, did you know that MORE children drown in swimming pools? Yet, tell this to a Liberal, and 80% of them will bust out with something about pool safety and responsible parenting. Why not just outlaw pools?

In fact, while we’re at it, let’s outlaw a few more killers. Take this list of the top causes of death in American for instance…

  1. Heart disease: 633,842
  2. Cancer: 595,930
  3. Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 155,041
  4. Accidents (unintentional injuries): 146,571
  5. Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 140,323
  6. Alzheimer’s disease: 110,561
  7. Diabetes: 79,535
  8. Influenza and pneumonia: 57,062
  9. Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 49,959
  10. Intentional self-harm (suicide): 44,193

Can you guess what’s capable of causing almost ALL of these? Sugar. Don’t laugh. Sugar is scientifically proven to be more addictive than cocaine. And how many gun-control obsessed Lefties are giving THAT crap to their kids before they’re even old enough to walk? Yes, I know. Conservatives do that too.

But my point is, if you think I’m ridiculous for bringing up sugar, it’s because you, like ALL of us (myself included), are entranced by the “sensational killers.” Mass shootings being at the top of that list. Think about this. The media gets HUGE ratings from covering them. You think it’d be that way if shooting deaths were as boring as some poor schmuck dying off heart disease on a hospital bed?

I am NOT saying shooting deaths don’t matter. But I challenge you to think about why you and I are so disturbed over shooting deaths when Americans die EVERY DAY of much more preventable causes. Those who die of gun violence are no more dead than the people who die any other way. So why all the hysteria over gun control?

First, because violence is a PROVEN way to get media ratings, whip people into a frenzy, and get people to vote based on feelings rather than facts. I realize a similar argument can be made against terrorism. I don’t disagree with this.

In my opinion, most people on the Right have their heads up their ass about America’s Military overreach. But that’s another topic for another blog. My point is that mass shootings have ratings value to the media.

The second reason, gun violence is an effective distraction from the epic corruption our Government is already engaged in. No, I’m not one of these clowns who thinks the shootings are “hoaxes.” But if you feed someone the horror of a few REAL mass shootings a year, you can distract them from thinking about other things. Things which have larger death toll in our nation and on our world.

That crooked son of a bitch Joseph Stalin figured this out. That’s why he said…

“A million deaths is a statistic, but a single death is a tragedy.”

The single death is a tragedy because I can tell you that the victim’s name was Harold. I can tell you that his grand-kid’s called him “Big-Papa-Bear.” I can tell you that when Harold finally died of heart disease in his hospital bed, his wife felt her heart break as his hand slipped slowly and softly from hers. I can tell you that Harold’s dog “froggy” stared out the window for weeks, waiting for his daddy to come home and walk him.

I can tell you that his wife stared at the rum-sprung dent in his favorite chair. Her eyes welling with tears as she whispered his name over and over into the silence of their empty house. Give me another 300 words, and I’ll make you cry with the story of ONE DEATH that didn’t even happen. Yet, BOTH of us read Stalin’s estimated kill count: three million plus, and our eyes are dry.

This is the difference between a tragedy and a statistic. Tragedies grip the heart. They make you forget about the larger world you live in. In the wrong hands, tragedy is a POWERFUL manipulator. It’s the only way to distract and disarm GOOD people, all in the name of compassion. And this leads me to our FINAL reason mass shootings have such a strong grip on our collective consciousness.

Guns are a bigger threat to potential dictators. Sugar won’t stop the Gestapo at your door. And I doubt you can drown him by luring him into your pool. In fact, most of the things that kill us slowly make us EASIER to rule. But not guns.

Guns, again, would be our last line of defense against a hostile dictatorship. This is why EVERY freedom loving American ought to be damn suspicious of ANYONE who rages about outlawing guns under the guise of “saving lives.”

We live in the most powerful country in history. We have the most capable military and largest nuclear weapons arsenal and in the world. Right now, the next brutal dictator could be crouching in the shadows, waiting for every armed American to lay down their last means of defense. All in the name of peace.

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