3 Psychological Insights On The Left’s “Protest Addiction”

Have you noticed how the Political Left NEVER runs out of reasons to protest? In late 2016, they were protesting Donald Trump’s Presidential Election. In the early weeks of 2017, they were protesting his inauguration and demanding impeachment based on their paranoid fantasy about “Collusion” with Russia.

Radical Leftists have started several violent riots at Berkley University. They’ve torched police cars. They’ve attacked and beat Trump supporters, including one Veteran Man in a wheelchair. One Loony Toony Bernie Sanders supporter gunned down Republican Congressmen in Alexandra Virginia. A few weeks ago, they were tearing down Civil War Statues.

Now, they’ve applied their signature “join our cause or we’ll call you horrible names like ‘racist,'” peer pressure to convince NFL players to protest the National Anthem. I could go on for pages listing everything Radical Leftists have, whined, protested or rioted about over this past year. But ONE THING is certain by now: they’re addicted to protesting.

The Political Left will ALWAYS find a reason to whine, protest, riot, sue or even support a full-blown communist style “we can’t accept the results of an election we didn’t win,” Deep State Coup. So, in this blog, I’d like to offer three insights from my counseling days about what I think is REALLY behind the Left’s insatiable “protest addiction…”

It’s Easier to Break Something Than to Build Something

No matter how long you spend building something, it only takes a fraction of the time to tear it down.

Building takes commitment, courage, perseverance and, most important, it takes common sense about how the world really works. The hysterical radicals of the Loony Left are 100% lost on this last point.

They’re so intoxicated by their utopian ideas about how the world SHOULD work, they can’t see the world for what it really is. They’ve never learned the lesson that a true leader’s first job is to define reality. In all it’s gory and gritty details. Only then can they see a way to change it. Not only does the Political Left refuse to accept this, they condemn anyone who does.

If you try to talk about the gender roles, they attack you as a sexist. If you try to talk about race relations and the REAL differences between blacks, white and Hispanics, they attack you as a racist. If you try to talk about the challenges posed by immigration, they attack you as being “anti-immigration.”

If you criticize the welfare state, they attack you as being “against the poor.” If you even TRY to talk about Radical Islamic Terrorism, they attack you as an “Islamophobe.” They do the same with practically EVERY political idea that doesn’t serve their agenda. From same-sex marriage, to transgender bathrooms, to tax reform, to immigration, to terrorism.

And if you dare speak up against whatever they happen to be protesting at the time, they attack you as being “against free speech.” Meanwhile, they specialize in pointing out the every minor, and often non-existent, flaw in conservative ideas or policies. They’re masters of making mountains of molehills and often invent their grievances out of thin air.

They do all this because it’s easier to attack the imperfections of an idea, a policy or a system than to build and implement one that actually works. It’s also easier for people who can’t solve REAL problems to invent imaginary ones.

What if everyone suddenly agreed to replace whatever the Political Left was complaining about? The Left wouldn’t have the faintest clue what to do next. This is typical of anyone who specializes in tearing down and criticizing existing ideas or systems. They do it because it’s easier to break something down than it to live with its imperfections or build something to replace it.

True, some systems need to die. Some ideas need to die. Sometimes it takes a HELL of a lot of resistance, even bloodshed, to break the things which should have been broken a long time ago. And sometimes, complacency is the biggest obstacle to progress. We’ve all heard the saying…

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

Sometimes this is wise. Other times, it’s just laziness disguised as wisdom. I get that. But the Political Left seems to live by an even dumber mantra…

“If it’s not 100% perfect, break it.”

They demonstrate this every time they use atypical, outlier statistics or emotionally charged anecdotes to “prove” that a system or an idea “isn’t working for everyone.” But nothing is perfect. And perfectionism is a greater enemy to progress than complacency.

Those who can’t tolerate imperfection often pour all their energy into criticizing and tearing down things which shouldn’t be torn down.  All in the name of replacing it with something which SEEMS perfect until it manifests itself in real life. A prime example of this is the Radical Left’s obsession with Socialism.

Having studied the work of Karl Marx and other reformists, I agree that Socialism sounds terrific in theory. But it also offers no suggestion, or even acknowledgement, of the one variable which makes the single BIGGEST difference in building any government or organization: the link between power and corruption.

I wrote a blog about this called “The #1 Reason I’m no longer a Liberal,” so I won’t get into details on that here.

My point is that when you compare the utopian theories of Socialism to the gritty reality of Capitalism or Conservatism, the grass can APPEAR greener in your imagination. Maybe that’s why the Left is so enamored with John Lennon’s song “Imagine.” Especially this starry-eyed line…

“They may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

Here’s my revision…

“They may say I’m a dreamer. But baby, I’m a doer too.”

Yes, the world sometimes needs people who dream of better ways to do things. But dreams need doers too. And being a doer starts with accepting the world as it is, in ALL its gritty details, and finding a way to bridge the gap between reality and your idea. But other times, it means swallowing your ego and admitting that your idea is just another “imagine there’s no…” fairy tale.

This takes work and it takes humility. And for some people, it’s just easier to criticize and break things which they see as “imperfect.” Even when nothing needs to be broken. Why can’t Radical Leftists realize this and wake up? Because they’re too busy propping themselves up as insightful and courageous “revolutionaries.” Here’s my take on that nonsense…

Fear Often Disguises Itself As Courage

Fear is the fight or flight emotion. Some people cower and run or take cover in the face of fear. Others charge directly towards it. Neither of these is better or wiser than the other.

But, I’ve noticed that people who choose to stand fight often see themselves as “brave,” for doing so. Sometimes this is true. Other times, their claim to “courage,” is just a self-righteous mask to hide some deep-seated, irrational fear or even hate.

Case in point, the Radical Left has built a public narrative out of the belief that, as long as the people you’re opposing are “evil,” violence is justified. Sadly, Political Activists in the Main Stream Media have embraced this idea and used it to justify violent Radical Left hate groups like “Antifa.” It’s no wonder so many of their “protests” turn into violent riots.

Of course, the Radical Left would have you believe that these riots are driven by righteous indignation and “courage.” But I seem to remember Jesus of Nazareth saying…

“By their fruits, ye shall know them.”

Is violence the fruit of courage? Is it the fruit of intellectual sophistication or moral superiority? No. It’s the fruit of ignorance, intolerance and raw feral panic. It’s also a last resort for people who lack the self-control to promote and defend their ideas through civil discourse.

The Radical Left can pat themselves on the back for having the moral high-ground all they want. They can call themselves courageous Social Justice “Warriors.” Clearly, they can fool the gasbags in the Liberally Bias Media who often prop up this false narrative. But they can’t fool the people who are paying attention to their actions. As the Dude of All Dudes said…

“By their fruits, ye shall know them.”

Again, it takes courage to build. It takes courage to deal with the imperfections of an idea, a policy or an institution and to work at fixing or refining them. But it takes no courage, no commitment and no leadership or intelligence to run into the streets with a picket sign, chant mindless protest slogans and break shit.

Radical Leftists often call their political opponents names or resort to sentimental appeals to emotion because they can’t make a rational, or even a coherent, argument. When that fails, they resort to violence instead of reexamining their ideas. All under the guise of being intelligent, courageous and/or morally superior.

As an ex-counselor, I see this violence as an “adult” version of a five year old kid’s public temper tantrum. He screams and cries and stomps his feet until he gets what he wants. Many parents give in to the child’s demands in hopes to shut them up. What they’re really doing is buying more temper-tantrums.

And sadly, many “Conservative” politicians have given in to the butthurt demands of the Radical Left. Like the doting parent, they’re just buying more temper-tantrums.

Conservative Americans have watched this game for decades. We’ve learned that there’s a difference between mature compromise and creeping capitulation. We’ve known for a long time that you can’t compromise with ignorant megalomaniacs who believe more in ivory tower fantasies than in common sense. And there’s a good reason many Conservatives are no longer willing to compromise…

The Left’s Grievances Aren’t MEANT to Be Fixed

If the Left’s grievances went away tomorrow, they’d have nothing to protest. This means, no more virtue-signaling, no more venting their anger on other people and no more reasons to pat themselves on the back for having the “courage” to stand up to “evil” people.

They’d be left all alone with their raw, insatiable addiction to chaos and rebellion. This is exactly why the Left specializes in raging against problems which either don’t exist, or which can’t be fixed or which shouldn’t be fixed.

Ever known someone who constantly complains and creates drama, but never does anything to fix what they’re complaining about? Such people ignore good advice and often defend the beliefs and habits which seem to be making them so miserable.

Ask any experienced counselor why people do this and I bet you a dollar I can tell you their response. They do it because they’re addicted to chaos and drama. If you fixed their complaints, they’d have nothing to complain about. They’d have no way to draw sympathy from others with their rants and rages about how “unfair” life is.

This is ESPECIALLY true for people who blame others for their problems. When someone honestly believes that other people are responsible for their problems, they’re free from any responsibility to fix their own life. Instead, they get to fight the futile battle of trying to change other people. Why would a person do such a thing?

Because their problems aren’t MEANT to be fixed. They’re meant to be an excuse for doing nothing and for drawing sympathy and outrage from people who want to “help” them. All of this is why, in my professional opinion, we can’t “red pill” Radical Leftists using rational arguments.

Rational arguments might help them regain their equilibrium and find their legs as a sane person after they’ve escaped the dizzying whirlwind of Radical Leftism. But to get that far, they need to see a MORAL contradiction in their beliefs. Not a rational one.

Someone who sees themselves as a courageous warrior of “Social Justice,” and who gets constant praise and positive reinforcement from the media, from Hollywood Liberals and from Marxist professors in Academia doesn’t want to cut that umbilical cord of “moral” validation.

This is ESPECIALLY true if they grew up in a home where they were starving for praise or recognition. Radical Leftists must understand that their “moral courage,” is just a mask for fear.

Most important, they need to realize how their constant demonizing of political opponents, their juvenile name-calling and their insatiable need for social unrest is turning them into a nasty person.

Again, this can’t be done with rational arguments alone. Radical Leftists will defend irrational beliefs and contradictions in their behavior all day long. You’ve seen it. But few people can live with beliefs which they’ve begun to suspect as being deeply immoral. Especially when their primary “argument” is that THEY have the moral high ground.

This is why, in all of my articles and videos, I aim to destabilize the Left’s unfounded belief that their political views are “virtuous.” I don’t do this to be cruel or mean. I do it show them the ONE THING I realized when I escaped the cult-like bubble of Radical Leftism…

“If you want to make a difference in the world, you must love the things you love more than you hate the things you hate.”

So please share this. Not with a Leftist so you can show them how “wrong” they are. Share it with a Conservative who’s trying to win this battle with rational arguments alone.

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