The REAL Reason Socialists Hate Rich Americans

Why are Socialists perpetually butthurt at rich Americans? Ask one of them about it. You’ll see what I mean. Their anger at the “Upper 1%,” is almost as hysterical as their obsession with free government goodies.

Yet, if you ask a Socialist how they plan on paying for these goodies, I bet you a dollar you’ll get the “Tax the 1%” argument. That’s right. It turns out those nasty rich people are good for something after all. If they just pay their “fair share,” we can turn the American government into Santa’s Workshop and fix all our problems by making it Christmas (Oops, “xmas”) all year round.

Okay, I’m being (a bit) facetious. But it’s a serious question. Why are Socialists perpetually butthurt at rich Americans? If you ask your average Socialist, they’ll go on a diatribe about how greed is destroying our society and we need to make “fairness” a priority.

I agree with the first part. But I have a wiser perspective on what American greed and who the offenders REALLY are. Once you hear this for yourself, I think you’ll have a whole new perspective on why “American” Socialists hate the rich…

In America, Greed Is The Scourge of The Broke, Not The Rich

Greed rarely makes any American rich. It does, however, make a HELL of a lot of them broke and poor. I know, I can hear the Socialist temper-tantrums already.

But I say this because, I’d describe greed as “an insatiable desire for excess.” I think most people will agree with that general definition. I’ll tell you how it makes Americans go broke in a moment.

But first, let’s talk about where Socialists and I disagree on the above definition. It seems Socialists have a different understanding of what constitutes “excess” in America. For them, excess is “having more than your fair share.” They typically back this definition with some “3am Beer Conversation” rant about how rich people make millions/billions of dollars in America while poor people can’t afford to____.

You can stick anything from “eat” to “go to the doctor,” to “own a brand new iphone,” to “go to college,” in that ^ blank. Of course, most reasonable Americans will agree that we don’t want to see our fellow citizens starving to death or dying of poisoned water. We’ll talk about that in a moment. First, let me offer an alternative definition of “excess.”

In my opinion, excess is “anything you haven’t paid for.” Think about it. How do people go broke in America? They do it by spending more than they earn. And why would someone spend more than they earn? In most cases, it’s because they want things that they can’t really afford to buy. I’m not talking about living expenses either. I’m talking about luxuries.

If you live in America, you are BY DEFAULT “richer” than most of the people in this world when it comes to ordinary living expenses. Hell, even our access to clean, drinking water, which is free even for homeless people, makes us richer than children in 3rd world countries. Add to this that even an American with NO medical insurance and NO MONEY can use the Emergency Room, and even our poorest citizens are richer than the majority of earth’s population

And America’s basic “living expense wealth” doesn’t stop there. No American who knows where their local soup kitchen is could possibly starve to death. And, no matter how broke they are, the Public School System gives EVERY parent free “babysitting” and education for their children. Yes, the quality of Public School Education is questionable. But that’s another reason the “big government is the solution,” Socialists are fools for thinking that government is the answer.¬†

My point is, no matter how much money is in your bank account, as long as you’re geographically located in America, you have access to infrastructure wealth that makes you “richer” than the majority of people in this world. So when I talk about people buying things they can’t afford to buy, I’m talking about all the extra goodies you’d find in even the average American’s home.

And yes, this includes “poor” Americans. If you know any poor people, ask them how many TV’s, smart phones and computers they have.

Ask them how big their monthly cable bill is or how much money they spend eating out instead of cooking at home.

Bottom line, by the baseline standard of Planet Earth NO American is “poor.” And anything we acquire or consume on top of the basic necessities (which are almost all free in America) are luxuries on top of luxuries when you compare us to the rest of the world.

Yes, some Americans make enough money to buy a WHOLE LOT of these goodies. But if you’ve earned the money legally, there’s nothing “excessive” about this. Especially considering that ALL of our citizens have free access to base level necessities which aren’t available in many countries. Of course, the whiny Pro-Socialist “Americans” insist that the rich are the cause America’s problems.

But let’s peel back their mask and find what’s really behind this Socialist hatred for rich Americans…

In America, Socialism Punishes Achievement, Not Greed

Socialists seem to think they’d be punishing greed by limiting the amount of wealth and luxury an American can acquire. They talk about taxing the rich at 70% or even 90% so they can redistribute the wealth.

I have a theory about why they really want to punish the rich. And I can prove it before I even tell you what it is. The next time you talk to a Socialist, ask them how and where they believe America’s wealth should be distributed.

See how many of them suggest we distribute it the TRUE Poor. I’m talking about the children dying of poisoned water in 3rd World Countries; or the soon-to-be-blind toddler sitting beside a river in Africa while a flesh-eating parasite chews its way through his eye socket. Many of these truly poor people will NEVER have an opportunity to become as wealthy as the ordinary “poor” person in America.

Yet, if your average Pro-Socialist American gave a measly five dollars a month to the poor of the world, they could save a life by redistributing THEIR “wealth” to someone less fortunate than them. Why aren’t they doing this? Because Pro-Socialist Americans aren’t not driven by their compassion for the poor. They’re driven by a seething envy of the rich Americans who can afford to buy the goodies they themselves would likely buy if they had the money.

In my opinion this is why Socialists hate rich Americans and want to tax them into oblivion to fund their big government programs. It’s not enough that they have access to the world-class infrastructure wealth of America. They want free college. They want free health care. Many of them are now talking about “Universal Basic Income.” And their greed doesn’t stop there.

They believe they’re entitled to access free books, music, videos and software through the internet. Ironically, many of them don’t even want to look at ads while doing this. Who do they think is PAYING to keep those files hosted and websites running? Many millennial Socialists hate cable companies and streaming video providers like Netflix. They think movies and T.V. shows “should” be free.

Who do they think pays all those actors, actresses, writers, make-up people, set-designers and score writers? Who do they think pays for all those expensive computer servers where their “free” media is stored? And over the past decade, the greed of Pro-Socialist Americans has become completely irrational and unhinged. In 2016, a pilot program in California aspired to give free cars to the “poor.” The rationale? They claimed a car is a “basic human right.”

I could list dozens more examples, but the bottom line is that Socialists who live in America don’t just want these goodies. They believe they’re entitled to them and they expect someone else to pay for them. This, in my opinion, is a more honest definition of greed than the phony “the rich have more than their fair share.” Behind this virtue-signaling euphemism is a seething envy of the rich and an obsession to use the government to take what they have.

Ironically, the truly corrupt rich of America become rich because of people who think they’re entitled to things they haven’t yet paid for. They do this by leveraging a financial tool which allows Americans to live beyond their achievements and to get their hands on things they haven’t (yet) paid for. I’m talking about the financial tool of debt.

You want to know where the real robberies are happening in this country? Look no further than our colossally corrupt banking system. Socialists CLAIM to hate this system. But ironically, its this system which our government uses to fund its out-of-control entitlement programs.

Socialists like to criticize capitalists. They claim that the economic inequality in this country is a direct result of capitalism. The truth is, America hasn’t been a capitalist country since we became addicted to buying things on credit. True capitalism was established on the principles of efficient production and of free trade.

In a truly capitalist economy, you create something that’s useful to people and you sell it to them. And if you want something, you buy it with the money you’ve already earned or you go without it.

This is no longer how the American economy works. Today, if an American wants something they can’t buy, they can get it now and pay for it later.

This is how millions of Americans drive themselves into financial ruin. Credit cards, zero down mortgages, buy now pay later offers and other “sell-your-future-income-to-satan” offers that invite Americans to fully indulge their greed and make themselves a slave to their creditors. Such greed is its own punishment.

Yet, Socialists want to punish the Americans who BECAME rich by delaying gratification and overcoming such of greed. I know. I talked to hundreds of VERY rich Americans during my days as a business coach. Many of them are damn hard-working people who learned not to borrow money or outspend their income. In other words, they overcame greed and became rich by their own achievements.

Yet, the juvenile, entitlement-minded Socialist “Americans” want to enlist the government to take money away from these people. And who would the money go to? Not the true poor who are starving for a loaf of bread in a 3rd World Country. It would go to Americans who, in spite of having access to ALL this country’s infrastructure wealth, made themselves broke buying things they couldn’t really afford.

And every government program would put MORE money into the pockets of the corrupt greed merchants in the banking industry who make themselves richer every time our national debt increases. If you want to put a stop to this, maybe we should take a page from God’s playbook and punish people who buy and sell debt instead of punishing those who got rich on their own achievements.

I know. I can hear the objections already…

“But, debt is the only way some people can buy a house or a car in this country!”

This is a horribly destructive lie that too many Americans believe. And if the Socialists get their way, it could turn America into something far worse than a Socialistic hellhole…

American Greed Could Be The “Gateway Drug” To Political Tyranny

Karl Marx once said religion is the opium of the people. In modern America, greed is the opium of the people.

Again, we’re not talking about greed as Socialists define it. We’re talking the greed that’s turned millions of Americans into debt slaves.

And it’s not just our private citizens who are caught in this web. If you understand the way federal spending REALLY works in America, you know that our government is hopelessly dependent on the PRIVATE shareholders of the so called “Federal” Reserve. Who these private shareholders are isn’t public knowledge. But anyone with common sense can figure it out.

Just look at who our elected officials in Washington D.C. really answer to. It’s not the voters. It’s the special interest donors who “invest” billions of dollars into buying politicians. In my opinion, these are the same private shareholders who have turned EVERY working American (including those with ZERO debt) into a bond-servants through the manipulation of our banking system AND the piling on of government spending.

If you think this sounds like a conspiracy theory, watch this video on the role the banking cartel and the “Federal” Reserve plays in government spending. The Pro-Socialists “Americans” who are marching in lock-step to the drum-beat of this Socialistic Santa-Clause Government narrative don’t have the faintest clue that THIS is who’s really behind the Pro-Socialist propaganda.

Instead, they swallow all the Main Stream Media propaganda that’s designed to dismantle the principles of self-reliance & self-control and to turn Americans into slaves of greed. If these Socialists have their way, Americans will be oppressed, not by the Tyranny of a dictator they can see and name, but by the hidden hand of a Financial System to which their “Big Daddy Government” is hopelessly indebted.

All because Socialists think they’re entitled to things which they haven’t earned the money to pay for. Of course, this will all happen in the name of helping the poor. And while the Socialists are patting themselves on the back for their commitment to “fairness” and “equality,” the puppet-masters will tighten their grip the political tool-monkeys in Washington D.C.

This is why the “more government is the answer” Socialists” are 100% wrong in assuming that they have the cure for American greed.

Socialism will only suck Americans deeper into the tangled web of oppression and enslavement. The only way out is to restore TRUE American Capitalism.

I’m talking about capitalism which is based on the principle of efficient production and free trade. Capitalism which doesn’t give people the option of getting their hands on things they haven’t yet paid for.

Why do Socialists hate the rich? Because they secretly envy their ability to buy more of the goodies which NO ONE in this country is entitled to. In my opinion, they’d do better to learn one simple lesson which made this country as prosperous and successful as it is today: You get what you earn, not what you’re entitled to.

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