Outrage At Statues Proves Leftists Out-of-Touch With Reality

People who can’t solve real problems will often obsess over imagined ones.

The Radical Left’s hysterics over removing Civil War statues is a prime example of this. And it proves that Radical Leftists don’t live in the real world. I know. I have over 10,000 hours of one-on-one counseling experience. I’ve seen this behavior play out HUNDREDS of times. Men who can’t overcome their generalized distrust of women will dream up bogus accusations that their wife is “fooling around,” behind their back.

Women who can’t overcome their generalized anger toward men will invent excuses for why they can’t find the right man to marry. Parents who don’t know how to raise their kids will team up with psychiatrists and have their children medicated to treat some phony medical “disorder.”

Business Owners who can’t solve their marketing problems will spend hours rearranging their client files or color coding their emails. Managers who can’t inspire or motivate their employees will hold long, wasteful meetings about things that don’t matter.

Pastors who can’t connect with the members of their congregation burn up time and money on construction and landscaping projects for the Church property. And politicians who can’t win elections on policy launch conspiratorial political campaigns which paint entire demographics of Americans as victims.

These are all examples of people obsessing over problems that either don’t exist, or don’t matter. All in an attempt to dodge a REAL problem that they don’t want to face. Many times, because they lack the courage or the skills to solve it. It’s the most telling sign that someone is turning away from reality and towards a land of self-directed delusion.

The Radical Left’s current obsession to remove all Civil War Statues is a text book example of this. Yes, I know. I can already hear their objections…

“You’re saying our racist past isn’t a problem?! You’re a Nazi!”

Okay, so they think I’m a Nazi. But this name-calling is just another clever diversion. Here’s what I’d like to know about these “Bleeding Heart” Radical Leftists…

What Are They Doing to Help the LIVING?

Ask any of these Radical Leftists why they want these statues down, and they’ll bust out with something about our “racist past.” I’d like to ask EVERY one of them a couple questions…

What are you doing to help people who are alive now and who are victims of a PRESENT injustice?

What are you doing for children who lost their fathers to gang violence in the inner-city of Chicago?

How much money have you given to fight the international sex trade?

Better yet, what are you doing to fight the child sex slavery going in your own damn city?

Try typing “(YOUR CITY HERE) human trafficking” into your favorite search engine. You might be shocked at what comes up.

Or how about…

How much money did you give to the United Negro College Fund over the past year?

What are you doing to end child slavery in war torn 3rd World Countries?

Better yet, what if you Loony Leftists took ALL the time you’re spending on the streets acting like a jackasses, and volunteered to serve people with a PRESENT need?

The slaves of the Civil War Era are all dead. Most of the people who lived through the Jim Crow Era are dead too. But they have descendants living here in the United States right now. Some of these descendants come from families who have a NET WORTH of less than $2,000 dollars. If you really want to right the wrongs of the past, how about doing something for them?

My guess is, they’d answer these ^ questions with a long diatribe of “yeah buts” and hysterical wailing against people whom they’ve pinned as “Nazis.” That’s typical of someone who has dreamed up a “problem” to distract them from the REAL problems in the world.

Anyone who pretends to be outraged over the injustices of the past, but who isn’t doing a damn thing about the injustices of the PRESENT, isn’t living in reality. And they’re forgetting one of the most important lessons of history….

The REAL Heroes of Our Past Gave ALL to the PRESENT

Any dope can be a “hero” when they’re fighting for something which requires no sacrifice and no courage. The Social Justice “Warriors” of the Left, get lots of accolades from their peers for their hysterical outrage against the sins of our past. They also get a lot of positive attention from the media and they draw thousands of followers on Social Media.

This is all VERY good for their sense of self-validation. But what does it do for people who are in real need? Most Radical Leftists live a very comfortable and convenient lifestyle. They have nice clothes to wear. They have clean water to drink. A lot of them live with their parents and have never had to worry about making rent or even holding a job.

But the REAL Social Justice Warriors, those of America’s past, had it quite different. Thousands of them, black AND white alike, risked their lives and reputations by leading blacks slaves to the underground railroad. Hundreds of thousands of them, black AND white alike, bled and DIED in the Civil War.

And hundreds of years after the war was over, they risked their reputations and even their lives teaching newly freed slaves and Black Americans to read and helping them to get equal rights.

These people are the real Social Justice Warriors. They didn’t obsess over problems of the past. They were too busy making sacrifices in the PRESENT. If they hadn’t done this, slavery would still be legal in America.

It’s easy feign compassion for people who aren’t alive anymore – people who no longer have needs and who will never ask you for anything. But being a hero to the living, that takes sacrifice.  Anyone who won’t make these sacrifices, and chooses instead to rage over the past, is doing more to validate themselves than they are to make our country better.

Which raises the question about what’s REALLY motivating these Radical Leftists? Some would call it “White Guilt.” But I think we ought to be asking ourselves…

How Much of “White Guilt,” is Really Closet Racism?

Based on my counseling experience, and nearly 20 years of studying human behavior, I’m convinced that racism, and other hateful prejudices, are rooted in fear. When a person perceives someone of another race as a threat, they’ll build up a lot of generalized, subconscious fear about the perceived threat.

Human beings deal with this fear by either…

  1. Hating the people they’re afraid of.
  2. Kissing up to the people they’re afraid of.

I suspect a LOT of these “outraged” young white people are of the second type. They’re afraid of the racial tensions in this country.  They’re afraid that if a race war, or even a riot, breaks out, they’ll be attacked by some angry mob of disillusioned minorities.

So they send up a flare that tells EVERY minority in America that they’re “one of the good guys.” This is, of course, is irrational and even self-destructive. But we’re talking about a generation that’s been raised to believe America was built by racists.

They’ve believe that every Black American, including those whose ancestors didn’t live through the Slavery or the Jim Crow Era, have been emotionally wounded, crippled and scarred over our racist past.

Frankly, If I’d been raised to believe this garbage, I might be afraid too. But the truth is, our past wasn’t all good OR all bad. It was both at the same time. EVERYTHING in life is like that. Anyone who claims otherwise, is suffering from black-and-white thinking and doesn’t see the world for what it really is.

The only time we can make a difference in is right now. Pining over the past, or trying to erase it or undo it, won’t do a damn thing for the people who lived through it, because they’re all dead. If we want a better future, we need to take care of the LIVING.

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