Is Global Warming Making Hurricane Season Worse?

The Political Left has managed to turn hurricane season into a campaigning opportunity. Every year, they’re exploiting hurricane victims to spread their signature climate change narrative. And of course, anyone who questions the “hurricanes prove global warming” group-think is declared an unsympathetic “science denier.”

I guess that makes me a science denier. But I’m getting too old to be fooled by juvenile name-calling. I’ve lived in Florida for 41 years. I have a long memory about hurricanes. I’d like to show you how the bobble-heads in Main Stream Media AND academia are bluntly LYING to you about hurricanes and global warming.

I’ll go beyond proving this with data. I’ll show you who the REAL Science Deniers are and why they’ve got such a woody to sell you this modern day apocalypse story. To start, let’s debunk the claim that “scientific consensus proves climate change,” because a lot of people are getting sucked in by that one…

No Consensus Should EVER Be Declared “Skeptic Proof”

What’s the difference between religious doomsday predictions and predication about a looming climate apocalypse?

If the predictions end up being wrong, but their “prophets” just reset the timeline to another day in the near future, in my opinion, there’s not much difference.

This is exactly what’s happened with climate change predictions over the past few decades. I know, I’ve had them shoved down my throat since I was a kid. I’ve also seen dozens of them come and go without being confirmed by real events. It reminds me of the doomsday preachers who squawk about the world ending in 2000, or again in 2007, or again in 2010, or again in 2012.

Once you’ve seen that routine play out a few dozen times, you get skeptical. Sadly, no matter how many times this happens, climate change prophecies remain publicly “bulletproof” to skepticism. Most reasonable people doubt the ridiculous theories about the Mayan Calendar and the 2012 apocalypse.

Most reasonable people doubt the hysterical claims of UFO enthusiasts talking about an “Alien Rapture.” Most reasonable people doubt the quirky “99 reasons Jesus will come in 1999” or “12 reasons Jesus will come in 2012.” Most reasonable people doubt the predictions of financial “experts” who repeatedly warn about economic collapses that never happen.

Yet, climate change prophets just keep getting a free pass. It’s as if no one can question the “prophecy” of a scientist. Even when they keep getting it wrong. Ironically, gullible laypeople often defend climate change with slogans like “I choose to believe in science.”

Sorry, but there’s no such thing as “believing in science.” Responsible scientists measure EVERYTHING against one simple standard: accurate prediction. If a theory can’t make accurate predictions, it’s NOT scientific. This is true regardless of how many people believe in it or how serious the prediction might be if it is true.

In fact, one of the most accurate predictions you can make is that someday in the near future, we’ll discover that AT LEAST one of our “scientific” consensuses was wrong. Here are ten specific examples of this…

  1. The Geocentric universe – disproven in 1543 by Nicholas Copernicus in 1543. However, this was first theorized 2,000 years earlier in the 3rd Century B.S. by Aristarchus of Samos.
  2. Big Objects fall faster than small – disproven in the 16th Century by Galileo’s experiment at the Tower of Pisa. Ironically, most laypeople STILL believe big objects fall faster.
  3. Miasmatic theory of disease – disproven in the 19th century by Louis Pasteur’s germ theory of disease. Ironically, the Mosaic Law of the Old Testament warned about this thousands of years before.
  4. Luminiferous aether – disproven by the Michelson-Morley experiment in 1887. Again, this was about one hundred years AFTER scientists started to doubt the theory.
  5. Stress theory of ulcers – disproven in the 1980’s by Australian clinical researcher Barry Marshal. Again, there was ALWAYS a small group of doctors who doubted the theory.
  6. Immovable continents – disproven in the 1950’s through elucidation of plate tectonics theory. Again, this was decades after Alfred Wegener’s 1912 formulation of the continental drift theory. Ironically, this was also suggested by use of the Hebrew word “eretz” in Genesis 1:2.
  7. The “four humours” theory of human physiology – disproven in the 19th century by modern medical research. But again, first doubted by eastern ancient Vedic and Gnostic Philosophers with their theories about the self.
  8. The Static universe – disproven in the 1920’s by Edwin Hubble. Yet again, ancient Vedic and Greek AND Gnostic Philosophers believed in a constantly expanding cosmos.
  9. The Rayleigh–Jeans Theory of Black Body Radiation – disproven in early 1900’s by Max Planck’s quanta and Einstein’s explanation of the photo-electric effect. This was backed up by pure mathematics, proving that even mathematical models can be wrong.
  10. Junk theory of DNA – disproven in early 2000’s by the rise of the science of epigenetics. Ironically, this theory was always doubted by theistic scientists in the Intelligent Design community. So much for the myth that religious people are always on the “wrong side of science.”

As you can see, most of these CONTINUED to remain a consensus hundreds of years after being proven wrong. In fact, if you post a timeline of human history on the wall, blindfold yourself, and throw a dart at it, you’re guaranteed to hit a time period where scientists AND laypeople believed in a consensuses that turned out to be wrong.

This has NOT always been because of religious superstition. More often, it’s been because people believed scientists were too smart to be mistaken.

And in some cases, political leaders (kings and/or priests) were using the consensus to secure political power. I’ll show you why that’s important in a moment.

And if you think this only happened in ancient history, you’re wrong again. Real scientists are still debunking consensus theories today. Take another look at number ten on the list above.

Of course, this doesn’t prove ALL consensus are wrong. It DOES, however, reinforce that they should be supported by accurate predictions. And when it comes to the “hurricanes are getting worse because of global warming,” the predictions are just wrong. I’ll show you what I mean in a moment.

But first, let me say something to people making this objection…

“But we can’t afford to doubt climate change! The future of the planet could be at stake!”

You’re welcome to make that argument if you want. But it’s not scientific. In fact, it’s based in the same archaic fear mongering that’s sustained doomsday prophecies for millenniums…

Climate “Prophecies” Are THOUSANDS of Years Old

The basic message of climate change is that humans are causing it, but that humans can fix it. All we have to do is elect a government that “believes in science.”

Politicians who campaign on climate change promise to grant billions of dollars to organizations who have vowed to fight it. If you can’t see the comically disturbing pattern in this, here’s a quick history lesson.

Power hungry people have been using the “give us your stuff and we’ll control mother nature on your behalf” gaff to fool gullible people for decades.

For example, Egyptian Pharaohs claimed to have power to control rain cycles and the rise and fall of the Nile river. They leveraged this narrative to position themselves as literal gods and convince people to worship them.  They turned millions of their citizens into slaves, and exploited their labor to increase their own wealth and power.

Sound familiar?

Mayan Priests robbed their citizens of crops and labor under the phony claim that they could control solar and lunar eclipses. Ironically, they used the science and technology of their day to predict such events. They simply tweaked the story by claiming that the “the gods” would someday make the sun vanish forever. Then, they promised to intercede to the gods on behalf of the people.

Of course, the people had to “buy” this favor by bringing temple offerings to the priests and making an occasional human sacrifice. And just as in Egypt, the Mayan Priests become very wealthy and powerful.

You’ll find evidence of the same ancient political ponzi scheme in the lost civilizations of Easter Island, the Native American cultures of the Midwest, ancient Greece, Ancient Sumeria, Ancient China and even in the early centuries of the Roman Empire.

There are literally dozens of such examples throughout primitive AND advanced cultures. Rulers have repeatedly used such apocalyptic fear-mongering to make themselves VERY rich and powerful, at the expense of their hard-working citizens. If this doesn’t sound eerily familiar yet, you might be blinded by the modern version of this myth.

Power hungry people are still using the “Give us your stuff and we’ll control nature on your behalf. Or, don’t give us your stuff and you’ll regret it…” story to fool gullible citizens into handing over the fruits of their labor. Only today, they’re collecting the “offerings” through taxation and through donations from rich lobbyists.

Ironically, most of the tax dollars that are supposed to fund climate change “research projects,” aren’t going where you think they are. I know, I wrote dozens of grant applications during my career as a freelance writer. I stopped when I got a REAL look at how the whole slimy system works. Sure, a lot of grant money is going to solid scientific research.

But you’d be shocked to see how many academics use government grants to travel to exotic “research” locations, write books about what they “discovered,” and then try to sell those books for a profit. Just look at the way textbooks are sold to college students at outrageous prices, only to be replaced by “newer” books the very next semester.

Add to this that MOST of those students use federal grant money to BUY these books, and you’ve got a self-reinforcing profit scheme that would make P.T. Barnum jealous. But the party doesn’t stop there.

Hundreds of billions of tax dollars go start up companies who are supposed to be developing “sustainable” energy technologies to replace fossil fuels. So far, none of these energy technologies are even profitable. Which means their products couldn’t be distributed to the public yet even if they COULD replace what we have now.

This will probably change in the future. But when it does, we’d be smarter to let the fossil fuel companies shovel out their billions to buy the technology. This way, they can use their world-wide distribution channels and operational infrastructure to get the new energy solutions into the hands of consumers. After all, that’s what matters right?

Not if you ask butthurt anti-fossil fuel activists. They prefer to see “Big Oil” put completely out of business. These numbskulls don’t understand that this would destroy the delivery system for getting energy technologies into the hands of the public.  It could take them years, and probably hundreds of billions of dollars, to replace it.

That’s not a very good strategy for getting alternative energy technologies into the marketplace where people can use them. Maybe these green energy entrepreneurs care more about funding their start-ups with our tax dollars so they can keep all the profits to themselves.

Ironically climate change believers can’t see the world this clearly. They think the only people who can be corrupted by greed and power are people who disagree with their political ideas.

The truth is, climate scientists, academics and green energy entrepreneurs can be compromised by the lust for money, recognition and power just like any other red-blooded human.

People who refuse to accept this are fueling (no pun intended) the age old “Give us your money and we’ll control nature on your behalf. Or, don’t give us your money and nature will destroy you” …narrative. And again, let me say something to people making this objection…

“But we can’t afford to doubt climate change! The future of the planet could be at stake!”

That’s only one side of the risk equation. But there’s also the risk of enslaving a GLOBAL population with the same political narrative that’s enslaved people for millenniums. For eight years, president Barack Obama gave hundreds of billions of dollars (maybe more) to fight climate change AND imposed thousands of environmental regulations on U.S. businesses.

These regulations suffocated our economic growth and caused many people to lose their jobs while powerful people made themselves richer and more powerful. Of course, if you think we’re saving the planet with these regulations, you might be okay with this risk.

But if we’re not, you’re promoting an agenda that could soon enslave billions of people. That’s horribly immoral and damn irresponsible if you ask me. That alone is enough to ask yourself whether you’re believing in science or political propaganda.

Of course, it’s human nature to arrogantly assume we’ve outgrown such gullibility. But I’d remind you that the citizens of EVERY human civilization has fooled themselves into believing the same thing. That’s why they CONSENTED to making themselves slaves.

This is why we should test EVERY scientific consensus by seeing if it can make accurate predictions. So, let’s see what predictions the climate change priests have managed to make about hurricanes…

Thus Saith The High Priests of Climate Change!

When hurricane Irma was heading for the south coast of Florida, climate change believers on Twitter were bragging that Al Gore had “predicted” everything that had happened that week.

In case you missed it, hurricane Harvey had just devastated Houston Texas, hurricane Irma was ripping through the Caribbean Islands, and two more hurricanes were then forming out in the Atlantic.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of climate change believers were Tweeting about a comment Al Gore had made nearly 12 years earlier (just after hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans). Gore predicted back-to-back storms like Katrina every year from that year forward, on account of global warming.

Yet, for the next 12 years, Gore was 100% wrong. Hurricane seasons came and went just as they always had. Storms were no bigger or more powerful than before, and about the same amount made landfall. Yet, in cult like fashion, climate change believers cherry-picked ONLY the 2017 hurricane season as “proof” of Gore’s prediction.

Sorry, but if you ignore the data that proves your prediction wrong, you’re no better than those religious nuts who saw a vision of the Virgin Mary in the water stain of a window in December of 1996. From a scientific standpoint, the starry-eyed adoration of someone who “predicted” that we’d have hurricanes during hurricane season was completely unimpressive.

Hell, I could reasonably predict that, at some point over the next 15 years, we’ll have an earthquake in California, a Tornado in the Bible belt area, a lighting strike in Tampa Florida, a dust storm in Texas, a Wildfire in the Midwest and a Blizzard in New England. I could select the data that confirmed my predictions and ignore the data that didn’t. But I’d only be “proving” my own confirmation bias. 

That’s all climate change believers “prove” when they cherry-pick as they did with Al Gore’s prediction. To add to this, the propagandists in the Main Stream Media, including certain “scientists,” elected officials, eggheads in academia AND smug Hollywood celebrities ALL bluntly lied about the size and strength of Hurricane Irma.

They called it the “biggest ever to hit Florida.” They said Florida had NEVER felt anything like it before. Really? We had a direct hit in Tampa. I slept through it. With the windows open. It was nice and breezy. The street flooding wasn’t even as bad as it is during our summer thunderstorms. Yes, I know people in South Florida had it a lot worse. I’m not playing that down.

But I’m not buying this crap about Irma being the “biggest ever to hit Florida.” Hurricane Andrew was bigger. Hurricanes Charlie and Wilma were about the same size. Irma was only the 7th biggest to hit Florida since we’ve been measuring and recording hurricanes. The biggest of these seven hit back in 1935 on Labor day. In other words, the DATA tells us hurricanes aren’t “getting bigger.”

Hell, they’re not even getting deadlier. The historical records tell us that even the damage level has been backwards to what the climate change prophets predicted. Of course, one thing HAS changed over the past 30 years: we now have Social Media.

So now, instead of a few million people in Florida watching these storms on the Weather Channel, we have a worldwide chatterbox of hurricane hysteria. People all the way in California can join the “let’s freak out about the hurricane in Florida” the party. Hell, there were people in the bloody U.K. watching hurricane Irma.

And since most of them weren’t here to see what things were like 30 years ago, it was easy to fool them with the poppycock that hurricanes are reaching some record strength and size. Putting a media magnifying glass over a crisis doesn’t change the raw data. It just proves we’ve got more sophisticated toys, and a whole lot of people with too much time on their hands.

The records say what they say. And so far, they tell us that these “global warming will make hurricane season worse,” predictions aren’t coming true. And if the predictions are wrong, and you keep cherry picking the data, it proves you’re just obeying a cultural myth.

All cultural myths are designed to resist outside skepticism and marginalize outsiders. Radical Muslims call outsiders “infidels.” Christian Cult Members call them “scoffers.” YouTube conspiracy theorists call them “sheeple.” Climate change believers call them “science deniers.”

As I said before, I’m getting too old to be fooled (or intimidated) by juvenile name-calling. If the climate change believers want the rest of us to take their claims seriously, they need to get their damn facts right. But if they want to spit slogans like, “I believe in science,” without examining BOTH sides of the argument instead, maybe they deserve to live like corn farmers of the ancient past.

Odds are, hundreds of years from now, someone will read about how wrong they were. But here’s one man who won’t sit idly by while they force the rest of us to bow before the high priests.

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  1. Very well stated! And I agree! I condensed it to “Cliff Notes” form for all of the “true believers” in this climate change nonsense. IT’S CALLED WEATHER STUPID!

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