Charlottesville Gives Leftists their FIRST Taste of the “Far Right”

This weekend, in Charlottesville Virginia, the liberally bias media and their hysterical fans got a glimpse of the REAL “Far Right.”

It didn’t come from peace-loving Middle Class Americans who voted for Donald Trump because they wanted a better America for their children. It came from ONE MAN among a group of frustrated, radical White Nationalists emboldened by the Political Left’s refusal to condemn violence, racism and hatred against White Americans.

On Saturday August 12th 2017, radical leftist groups “Antifa,” and “Black Lives Matter,” crashed a rally of White Nationalists in Charlottesville Virginia. Antifa showed up in their usual garb: black and red flags, tear gas, piss and shit filled balloons and nail-studded boards. Members of Black Lives Matter showed up with baseball bats.

Both groups surrounded the White Nationalists, who bore only torches, and who had legal

James Alex Fields, Jr.

permission to be there. They’d come to protest a creeping campaign of revisionist history and bitter hatred towards Conservative White Americans.

Just a few hours later, a Gray Dodge Challenger ripped into a group of Black Lives Matter and Antifa protestors, injuring nearly twenty people and killing one 32 year old woman.

The driver, 20 James Alex Fields Jr. of Ohio, was arrested and charged with one count of second-degree murder, one count of hit-and-run and three counts of malicious wounding.

Any reasonable person, on either side of the argument, ought to hope this man is convicted and sentenced appropriately. But, we shouldn’t be so naïve to assume that this is over. It’s just the tip of a much bigger iceberg. One which we’re about to crash directly into.

That is, unless the Political Left changes the way they answer this question…

Who’s Really Responsible for Political Violence?

It depends on who you ask doesn’t it? I personally believe there are two levels of responsibility. The first is individual responsibility. Anyone who injures or kills another person is responsible for their actions and should be held accountable. I don’t care how many victim cards they have in their pocket. I don’t care who they committed the violence against. Unless they’re defending themselves or someone else from immediate harm, THEY are responsible for their own violent actions.

But the second level of responsibility goes to people who systematically normalize and justify violence.

This where the bias Main Stream Media and Radical Left, are 100% responsible for their part in creating and proliferating this kind of violence. And I’m talking about violence on the right AND the left.

The “journalists,” at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR and their ilk, are clearly only interested in whether political violence can be used to buttress their political views.

These PR Hacks were quick to claim Bernie Sanders as not responsible for one of his supporters opening fire on dozens of Republican Congressmen in Alexandria Virginia several weeks ago. And I, even being a Conservative Trump supporter, agree with them.

Yet, in spite of how many times President Donald Trump denounced endorsements of people like David Duke, these Media Hounds, insist on associating Trump AND his voters with the “Alt-Right,” and “Far Right.”

They have NO idea what they’re in for when the REAL Alt-Right gets fed up with the double-standards, the hypocrisy and the phony “news” narratives spewing out of the Main Stream Media. But something tells me they’re going to find out soon. And it’s all because they can’t answer a simple question….

How Did the Moderate Right Become the “Far Right?”

For the past few years, the Political Left, led by the Liberally Bias Media, Neo-Marxist University Professors and Liberal Hollywood, have begun to characterize ANYONE on the moderate right as “Far Right” or “Alt-Right.”

This has happened because of something psychologists call “Shifting Baseline Theory.” Shifting Baseline Theory is when things which were once considered extreme become normal through a downgrading in some baseline standard.

For example, just 25 years ago, we had a true political left and a true political right in this country. We had a balance of power which kept the extreme right and the extreme left in the shadows of the political debate. But over the past few decades, Main Stream America has been slowly seduced into accepting leftist ideologies as “normal.”

Today, the “Conservative” Republican party has become more like the Moderate Left of the past. Meanwhile, the Radical Left has all but taken over the Democrat Party.  What happens when the Moderate Right becomes like the Moderate Left and the Far Left takes over the Main Stream Left?

Radical Left views become accepted as normal. Meanwhile ANY lingering Conservative ideologies are marginalized as “Far Right” or “remnants of a racist past.” Why have Conservatives accepted this change?

First, because the Left has gotten into a sick habit of bullying people on the right and attempting to marginalize us as horrible and immoral people. Simply because we disagree with their wacky, impractical policies and godless moral relativism.

Secondly, because the pussyfooting dotes in the Republican party have allowed the bullies in the Liberal Media and the Democrat Party to pressure them into accepting political “compromises”. Compromises which were designed to whittle away at Conservative Values until there’s no trace left of them in the American culture.

Today, Republicans in Congress won’t even repeal a Pre-Socialist Law like Obama Care. All for fear of what the media and rogue (MINORITY) Democrats might say about them. Instead, they’ve stood by, apologetically, while the political party who LOST THE ELECTION, continues to drag the entire country towards the radical and morally bankrupt left.

Worst of all, the Liberal Media and Democrat Party has begun to dehumanize Conservative White Americans with the same tactics Nazi Propagandists used to justify their eventual genocide of the Jewish people. Today, Whites are the ONLY race in America against whom racism and violence is considered justified. That’s how far our baseline has shifted in America.

Yet, when Republican president Trump’s security advisor, H.R. McMaster, spoke against the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend, he said it “meets the definition of terrorism.” Of course it does. But you will NOT hear this said when Islamic Terrorists plow into crowds of White European Christians in Europe or when they bomb us, decapitate us or tear us to shreds with automatic weapons.

And when “Antifa,” seeks to silence Conservatives with violence and intimidation, the media and law enforcement agencies stand by and do nothing. Instead, these Radical Left Hate Groups are excused as being “inflamed by the extreme rhetoric of the right.” Rhetoric which, in most cases, represents the views, not of the extreme right, but the moderate right.

What will happen if the Radical Left continues their campaign of hate and dehumanization against the Conservative White Americans? We just got a taste of it this weekend. And here’s why I KNOW it’s only going to get worse…

Zero Tolerance of Civil Opposition Breeds Violent Opposition

Conservatives are NOT the “Alt-Right,” or even the “Far Right.” We’re simply people who disagree with the Radical Left and who value rational discourse as a means of negotiating our political differences.

The Left, meanwhile, seems to be quickly giving up on this idea. They’ve given up on it the same way they’ve given up on using the truth to defeat us. Meanwhile, they CONTINUE to insist that we are what’s wrong with America.

They lost the 2016 election because they refused to meet us with rational arguments. Instead, they’ve resorted to juvenile name-calling, baseless accusations of “racism,” “Islamophobia,” “homophobia,” and other childish, name-calling tactics. They’ve also launched a taxpayer funded opposition research and faux “Impeachment,” campaign under the guise of a “Counter Intelligence Investigation.”

All because the MODERATE RIGHT, and many Independent Voters, have grown sick of the Left’s Loony Toony double standards, irrational hypocrisy and constant attempts to shove their ideologies and legislation down our throats.

The Left has shamed and ridiculed our candidate Donald Trump, the FIRST Republican who has stood up to them since Reagan. They’ve accused him of being “unfit” because he refused to answer their “Will you accept the results of this election…” question the way they expected him to. Who’s refusing to accept the results of the election now?

Who has REPEATEDLY ignored, and even rationalized, violence against us under phony charges of “hate speech?” Who has pushed our country so far to the morally bankrupt left, they can’t tell the difference between the Moderate Right and the Far Right anymore?

Anyone paying attention knows the answers to these ^ questions. But we also know, and have for a while, that the Left’s zero tolerance attitude towards civil, honest discussion is now pushing the REAL “Alt-Right,” towards a violent resistance.

If the Political Hacks in the Main Stream Media continue to label us as the “Far Right,” and REFUSE to acknowledge our right to be a part of the political discourse in this country, they’ll soon wish that we WERE the Far Right.

And while we will NEVER condone the violent retaliations of our radical counterparts, we WILL be here to remind the Left that THIS is a monster THEY have awakened.

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