3 Reasons The Media STILL Can’t “Tame” Donald Trump

Why can’t the Main Stream Media make a dent in Donald Trump’s reputation? Why can’t they convince him to be more “presidential?” Why can’t they make him stop tweeting? Why can’t they AT LEAST get him to stop calling them “Fake News?”

Most important, why is is that even when Trump hits a public figure with some toe-curling insult, he pays NO PRICE with his support base?

If you believe the popular explanations on this, you’re probably part of the problem. For decades, the media has managed to “tame” elected officials and even get them to compromise the promises they’ve made to their voters.

Yet, when it comes to Donald Trump and his support base, it seems that the Media is fighting a man who is 100% invincible in the court of public opinion. Why is this? If you think its because his Supporters are stupid, brainwashed, racist or desperate, you’re underestimating Trump AND his base.

One reason Trump won the election in 2016 is that his opponents made faulty assumptions about him and his voters. Now, more than nine months later, millions of Americans STILL don’t seem to know what really happened.

The Main Stream Media is at the top of this list. And unless they wake up soon, they’ll end up paving the way for Trump’s re-election in 2020 and further encourage his voters to replace Establishment “Republicans” with Pro-Trump candidates in 2018. Here’s how I know this…

#1: The Main Stream Media is Stuck in the 20th Century

Hundreds of elected officials and Democrat voters are in near panic over Trump’s attacks on the Main Stream Media. They see it as a dangerous and “unprecedented,” shift in public discourse.

But the creeping doubt and distrust of the Main Stream Media didn’t start with Donald Trump. Nor should it be surprising or even disturbing to those understand what’s really happening.

Our culture is in middle of a massive shift of power because of the transition from 20th Century style media to 21rst Century style media. Donald Trump is capitalizing on this transfer of power better than anyone. It’s a big reason he won the 2016 election.

Think about when the printing press was invented and Europe began its corresponding rise out of “The Dark Ages.” For nearly 1,000 years, the Church/State of Europe and Asia Minor controlled the distribution of information. This meant the average person didn’t have access to reading materials. And of course, because of this, most of them couldn’t read.

This, coupled with their alliance to the State, made the Church very powerful, and they became a magnet for megalomaniac despots. As a result, the Church/State dominated the cultural narrative for more than a thousand years.  But the printing press blew this to pieces by putting information into the hands of the average person. This was the start of a substantial shift in the public paradigm.

Within a few hundred years, this paradigm “self-organized” and gave rise to the Age of Enlightenment. Of course, print media eventually came under control of powerful people too. But much of the “damage” had already been done by then. The age of “you learn what we allow you to learn” Church/State controlled mass media was over.

Likewise, today the internet, Social Media and the smartphone are creating an even greater shift in the way we consume information. Stephen Covey predicted this in his book “The 8th Habit” when he talked about the coming Age of Wisdom. In my opinion, this book was decades ahead of its time and damn near prophetic in predicting where we’re now headed.

But since the book didn’t go mainstream, only a few people “got it.” I know. I was one of them. I’ve been warning people about this change for 15 years, like Jeremiah bellowing into deaf ears outside the Gates of Jerusalem. Since The 8th Habit, more authors have caught on and began to prophecy about the coming Age of Wisdom (although not by that name).

Nevertheless, most people are clinging to the past and fearful of the signs of the times. Most of them will never understand what’s happening, let alone accept it. I’d put the Main Stream Media at the top of this list. They’re proving that paradigms don’t die easily. Many times, an entire generation has to pass away before the a worldview takes hold.

This is why, just as the Age of Enlightenment didn’t immediately follow the invention of the printing press, the age of Wisdom is probably at least another 50 to 100 years in our future.

Nevertheless, the age of – “you listen while the smart, sophisticated people talk” – media is over. Because of Social Media and content sharing sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and the like, consumers can create now their own virtual communities, share news stories, and discuss them amongst themselves. All without giving the Main Stream Media a seat at the table.

I’m sure the owners AND the employees of large networks like CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post and their like understand this on an intellectual level.

But MANY of them are still nostalgic for the days when there was “one media narrative.” I know, I’ve heard their discussions on CNN, NPR, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and the like.

They talk about how “unprecedented” it is that the sitting President of the United States is calling them “Fake News” and the “Enemy of the People.” If we were still living in the 20th Century, this might be a valid concern. But anyone who understands history should NOT be surprised or even disturbed by the fact that we’re witnessing a breakdown in Main Stream Media credibility.

Whether you like him or not, Donald Trump’s “offensive” Tweets are likely pissing the Main Stream Media off for the same reason Martin Luther’s 1517 “95th Thesis” pissed off the 16th Century Propaganda Machine of the Church/State: the powerful don’t go quietly.

#2: The Media Isn’t Fighting the Real Donald Trump

It might be hard to fight an enemy you can’t see, but it’s not impossible. What is impossible, is trying to fight a shadow of your enemy. A manufactured image which is more a product of your paranoid imagination than a reflection of who the person really is.

This is a prime reason the Main Stream Media can’t stop Donald Trump. During the 2016 campaign, they tried discredit him as a Presidential Nominee AND primary candidate by creating a boogeyman version of him; a racist, sexist, mentally unstable buffoon who was unfit to be the 45th President of the United States.

A LOT of people are now completely bought into this narrative. What many of them don’t seem to remember is that the Media AND the Democrat Party have done the SAME THING to every Republican candidate since Ronald Reagan. This is NOT a coincidence. It’s a core strategy for defeating Republican politicians. And in most cases, it works because the candidate is too afraid to question the media.

But again, the age of “we talk while you listen” media is over. Voters are completely fed up with the way the bobble heads on TV talk about them and the candidates they vote for. To add to this, the Main Stream Media’s overconfidence in their ability to influence public opinion has made them a big, shiny bulls-eye for attacks from Donald Trump and from people in the Independent Media.

The more the Main Stream Media ignores this and fights their boogeyman version of Trump, the more pissed off his supporters will become. Meanwhile, the REAL Donald Trump will run squares around them as they stand in a circular firing squad and self-destruct.

On top of this, the Main Stream Media is totally “stupid-pilled” over what they’re up really against in Donald Trump. They’re still treating Donald Trump like a politician, instead of an entrepreneur.

The Main Stream Media, and many of their “fans” in the Radical Left, are so immersed in the world of academia and its paper “credentials,” they don’t understand or even recognize street-smart entrepreneurship when they see it.

They assumed that Trump was making a mistake by having a smaller campaign staff and by spending less money than Hillary. They assumed his voters actually gave a damn about Trump’s tax returns, his Twitter etiquette, his “tone,” and dozens of other things we could care less about.

They STILL don’t understand that Trump’s bankruptcies and financial losses in the early 2000’s were success stories rather than failures. After all, the greatest entrepreneurs in history learned more from their failures than they did from their successes.

Ordinary people almost never take risks because they’re paralyzed by fear of failure. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs fail more because they DO more. This is how they became successful. They recover their losses AND use what they learned from them to create even bigger successes.

I could make a list a mile long demonstrating how Main Stream Media and the Political Left foolishly believe that Professional Politicians are better public servants than entrepreneurs. Maybe I’ll blog on it, someday. But if you simply look at the greatest Presidents from Ronald Reagan on back, you’ll see what I mean. America was founded ON the principles of entrepreneurship and BY entrepreneurs. 

Still, the Main Stream Media and Political Left doesn’t get this. They put their faith in tweed-jacketed “professors,” professional politicians, media bobble-heads and starry-eyed Hollywood Celebrities who don’t have a clue about how the world really works.

Meanwhile, millions of voters have figured out that Professional Politicians are worthless for anything but winning elections. This is why they elected an all-American, street-smart, brash-talking billionaire entrepreneur to run their country.

#3: The Media Suffers from “Terminal Arrogance”

Arrogance is the lowest and most incurable form of stupidity. And the Main Stream Media has a knack for attracting a disproportionate percentage of the “I’m too smart, too popular and too articulate to be wrong,” people in this country.

Sure, other professions have a knack for attracting these people too. But the “Infotainment” industry leaves them all in the dust when it comes to employing the Terminally Arrogant.

By “Terminally Arrogant,” I mean arrogance which can only be “cured,” by an epic failure. Hell, sometimes, that’s not even enough for them to get their heads out of their butts.

Many members of the Main Stream Media seem to be sick with this brand of arrogance.

I’ve heard dozens of “expert” discussion panels, interviews and monologues from these people over the past few decades. It’s been part of my professional development as an advertising copywriter. I don’t think I’m alone in noticing that most of them excel only at making themselves sounds smarter than they really are.

The same is true for most of the “journalists” in the Main Stream Media. Off the top of my head, I’d put Jim Acosta, Rachel Maddow, Chris Cuomo, Don Lemming and Jake Tapper on this list. But there are dozens of other “journalists” Main Stream Media who can’t seem to accept the possibility that they might be wrong about Donald Trump and his support base.

This is why I believe networks like CNN are becoming something more dangerous than just “Fake News.” It’s not that they’re dishonest. They seem to think of themselves as the last line of defense in the battle for truth. In reality, they’re quickly becoming the biggest enemy.

Considering that the Main Stream Media is being overthrown by the rise of Social Media and the internet, it’s easy to assume this won’t be a problem. But, how long will it be before powerful people learn to create new media monopolies using the online technologies?

Hell, Facebook and Google have practically done this already. And both of them have already come under fire for censoring content that challenges their political biases.  Even if you support their decisions so far, we should all consider what could happen this power fell into the hands of our enemies – because that’s what happens when we allow it.

Why can’t the Main Stream Media “tame” Donald Trump?

We’ve just discussed a few reasons. But even people who hate him ought to think before they panic over his attacks against the media. Millions of people are still looking at the distrust of Main Stream Media through the outdated filter of the 20th Century. They see Donald Trump’s attacks as a threat to American journalism and the Free Press.

But the “journalists” in the Main Stream Media aren’t journalists anymore. They can’t be. Decades ago, many of them would have been out in the streets interviewing people, gathering data and delivering it to the public via TV or radio broadcasts. And since most citizens simply didn’t have time to do such detective work, they had to trust the journalists who were getting paid to do it.

Those days are gone. Today, news is hitting the internet so fast, the average person doesn’t need a professional journalists to go out and find it for them.

Practically everyone has a smart phone equipped with the technology to record audio, take pictures or shoot live videos. There’s very little need for “feet on the street” journalism anymore. Today, we’re all journalists .

The Main Stream Media may not like this. But they need to accept this and find a way to reinvent themselves before it’s too late. We don’t get to vote on whether technology will change our overall culture. We do, however, get to decide HOW it will change us.

The tidal wave of media reform is upon all of us. The downsizing of the Main Stream Media dinosaurs will not be televised. Nor will the war of ideas which will eventually determine where the Age of Wisdom will take us.

This war will be fought in the virtual “streets and back alleys” of Social Media, where anyone can test their ideas in the public marketplace. Some ideas will survive, others will thrive. Most will be swept away because those who believed in them failed to understand, or accept, what was coming.

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