3 Lessons Leftists Didn’t Learn From The 2016 Election

Millions of liberal voters and politicians, along with hundreds of people in the Main Stream Media, still don’t seem to understand why Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election.

Normally, I’d be happier than a pig in slop about this. It means we’re about to win even bigger in 2018 and 2020. But I’m also getting worried about the potential backlash of these next two elections. We could be in for even more division, more anger, more hysteria and more irrational violence than we’re seeing right now.

I say this because we’re in the middle of a dramatic shift, not just in American Politics, but WORLD politics. Some people see this shift coming and won’t be surprised by it. Others will be shocked or even scared out of their minds once they realize that it isn’t just about Donald Trump.

And if the backlash of the 2016 election is any hint of how these people will react, there’s a real possibility of a civil uprising or even a Civil War breaking out in America. I’d rather not see that happen in my lifetime. So I’m writing in hopes that Americans on BOTH sides of the political debate will wake up before things get that bad.

So here are the top three things every Trump supporter AND Trump hater needs to understand about the political movement that got Trump elected…

#1: Donald Trump’s Election Was Decades in the Making

Donald Trump might have coined the term “America First,” but the America First movement has been growing for decades. You caught glimpses of it with the rise of the Tea Party Patriots.

It picked up momentum in the 2010 midterms and the 2012 elections when Democrats lost hundreds of seats in Congress and in Senate. Unfortunately, the elected leaders of this movement made one fatal mistake…

They allowed themselves to be bullied and intimidated by the political activists in the Main Stream Media. If you’re a Liberal who still doesn’t believe that the bulk of the Main Stream Media you might be shaking your head already.

But whether you agree with us or not, for decades, myself and people like me have watched the spineless, doting Republicans in Washington D.C. give in to the incessant nagging and blistering character assassinations coming out of networks like CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post and, lately, even NPR.

Today, the Main Stream Media is the most influential branch of the “progressive” movement in America. They rarely deliver any political news. Instead, they softball candidates they like while marginalizing and intimidating candidates they don’t like and even attacking the citizens who vote for them.

Donald Trump become the first real leader of the American First movement because he fought back against this nonsense. I’m still convinced that this is why he crushed everyone in the Republican primaries. Including Jeb Bush, who the RNC tried to hand the nomination to, the same way the DNC did with Hillary Clinton.

Don’t mistake me. I’m NOT there’s no Conservative media in this country. They just haven’t (yet) managed to manipulate elected Democrats the way the Liberal Media has manipulated the Republicans. If you’re a Liberal, imagine how frustrating it would be to see EVERY one of your candidates fold up like a napkin anytime the Conservative Media put any pressure on them.

Some of this pressure is reasonable. After all, the media is supposed to keep powerful people in check. But unless you’ve been asleep, you know that the Main Stream Media stopped producing real journalists a long time ago. Today, they’re merely political activists for their party of choice. And since most members of the Main Stream Media lean left, the deck is heavily stacked against Conservative voters.

If you doubt this last claim, just look up the political contributions from Main Stream Media “journalists.” The overwhelming majority of them give to Democrat politicians.

Donald Trump won in 2016 for many reasons. But at the TOP of that list was his fearless ability to stand up to these people. We’ve been waiting for that for a long, long time.

So don’t assume that the America First movement will fizzle out when Trump’s Presidency ends. Now that he’s proven that the Media isn’t as invincible, you’re more likely to see other candidates push back at them the way he has.

#2: The Republican Party is NOT Trump’s Party

The 2016 election was just as much a loss for the Republican party as it was for the Democrat party.

Unfortunately, dozens of Republican in the Congress and the Senate just don’t get this. They think they got elected because we wanted them in office. In some cases this may be true. But a LOT of them rode into office on the coattails of the America First Movement.

If it weren’t for the massive turnout Trump inspired, most of these Republicans probably would have lost to Democrat candidates. Yet, because the Republicans don’t understand this, they’re acting like its their responsibility to “tame” Trump, resist his agenda and further frustrate and alienate the voters who got THEM elected.

There’s already a huge resistance building against the DNC over their decision to prop up Hillary Clinton and marginalize Bernie Sanders voters.

But, in my opinion, the RNC has a bigger problem with their base. They have the false sense of confidence that THEIR party won the 2016 election.

Not so. The America First movement won. And come 2018, many of these overconfident Republicans will be shell-shocked when Trump’s support base replaces them with America First candidates.

But that’s just the half of it. The Main Stream Media and the Democrats in Congress and in Senate don’t seem to understand how little our movement really cares about the Republican party either. I’ve heard them say literally hundreds of things like this over the past nine months…

“It’s not the just the media. Trump is also being criticized by members of his own party.”


“Trump is getting pushback from BOTH sides of the isle.”


“We have Republicans and Democrats alike saying that Trump’s ___ tweet was in appropriate.”

People who say (or believe) such things are making a big mistake. Those of us who voted for Trump don’t trust the Republican party anymore than we trust the Democrats. And we don’t care if the whole damn party gets cannibalized by the American First movement.

In spite of this, Republicans, and those who quote them, are either too arrogant, or too stupid to understand that they’re not resisting Donald Trump’s agenda. They’re resisting us. And unless they realize this, they’re going to lose their party, as they know it, over the next 10 years.

Likewise, the Democrats, their cheerleaders in the media AND their voters, shouldn’t assume that Republican resistance to Trump is a sign of the tide turning in their favor. To us, its a clear sign that we we need to vote them out of office in 2018. And we will.

Finally, the most important take away from the 2016 election…

#3: A Bias “Press” Is EVERY American’s Enemy

Donald Trump caught hell for calling the Liberal Media “The Enemy of the People.” But even Liberal Americans would be smart to take a closer look at how out-of-control the Main Stream Media has become.

Over the past few decades, far too many members of the media have become obsessed with, and even corrupted by, their growing thirst for power.

They seem intoxicated at the idea that they can use their platform to declare people guilty in the court of public opinion or to gaslight the public with abusively bias “news” narratives. The problem is, they also have a sneaky way of cloaking this behavior beneath pretense of objectivity and neutrality.

Most of us, Conservative and Liberal alike, already know how horribly corrupt Washington D.C. can become. But what about media corruption? Having spent nearly 20 years as an advertising copywriter, I understand the immense power of mass propaganda and that’s why the media’s rejection of public accountability bothers me more than the corruption in Washington.

It’s not the media’s job to campaign for their pet political candidates. It’s not their job to pressure members of the Congress or Senate into voting for legislation they like or against legislation they don’t like. It’s definitely not their job to plot and execute elaborate opposition campaigns and character assassinations against people who they see as their political opponents.

Unfortunately, Main Stream Media networks have taken it on themselves to do all of these. Moreover, they’ve managed to insulate themselves from criticism with accusations that their critics are “against the first amendment.” True, everyone in America has freedom of speech. But NO ONE is above accountability and criticism.

Why is this important? Because, in my opinion, the 2016 election was the most blaring, and disturbing example of a Main Stream Media drunk on power and out-of-control in their attempts to influence an election instead of reporting on it. And whether you hate Donald Trump or love him, the media’s smug “if you attack us for attacking you, you’re against the free press,” attitude ought to be a blaring red flag.

Donald Trump might have been the target of the media’s attacks this time, and you might be okay with that if you hate him. But, if the media doesn’t eat a slice of humble pie soon, it could be YOUR candidate they’re cutting to pieces next.

And, I hope no Hillary voters are naive enough to think that the “Destroy Trump at all costs,” media did them any favors with their irresponsible coverage of the 2016 campaign. The media’s biased-sampled polls created a false sense of confidence for people who wanted to see Hillary Clinton win. And I suspect much of the shock and anger that followed Trump’s victory was a result of the bloated expectations of Hillary Clinton’s “landslide victory.”

And now that the election is over, the media’s hysterical attempts to redeem themselves has further inflated these expectations and even created new ones. Millions of disgruntled voters have been waiting in eager anticipation for Trump to be impeached or removed from office. These expectations come from the Media’s tin foil hat conspiracy theories about secret meetings between Putin and Russia.

They’ve also encouraged violence against Trump’s voters with their blatant endorsement of the violent hate group “Antifa,” (recently declared a domestic terrorist organization). CNN Producers were even caught on hidden camera admitting that they’re doing such things ratings. Yet, instead of taking responsibility, they went into fullĀ  tantrum mode with more accusations that their critics were “against the free press.”

This nonsense is dividing our country. And its been happening since long before Trump came along. So it’s not him. It’s the out-of-control political activists operating under the label of “journalists.” Unless the Democrat Party distances themselves from this reckless corruption, they’ll continue to lose elections.

Meanwhile, their voters will wonder why election results don’t match the stories they’re seeing and reading about in the news. Maybe some of them will prefer clinging to empty expectations. But I think we should hold the ourselves, and the media to a higher standard.

To be clear, I’m NOT suggesting we regulate the press. I’m simply calling on EVERY American to take the Main Stream Media to task on their out-of-control bias and manipulative editing of the news.

We should also be clear about the difference between journalism and “infotainment.” Freedom of the press doesn’t set ANYONE above criticism or public accountability. Especially political activists who disguise themselves as members of the press, while crafting Reality TV Style “News” narratives to pump up ratings and push political agendas.

Take any of the brutal dictatorship in history, and find me the people within that nation who thought the laws of the land exempted them from criticism and accountability. You’ll find a LOT of cases where the media was at the top of this list.

This is why, the fact that some members of the Main Stream Media (who I won’t mention by name), throw temper-tantrum when anyone criticizes them or exposes their dishonest practices, ought to disturb any freedom loving American. Even if we’re divided on every other issue, I hope we can agree on that.

Will You Be Part of the Problem, or Part of the Solution?

I’m glad you read this far. Whether you love Trump, hate him, or are indifferent, these lessons are an important part of the political movement that’s already coming, not just to America, but the world.

If you’re going to play a role in creating a better future, you must face the truth about what’s already happened. Otherwise, you could find yourself, as Eric Hoffer once said, “beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

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